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Precious Moments For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Large Collection Of Figurines and Ornaments06/21/19
  Large Collection Of Figurines and Ornaments
Selling a large collection (112 pieces) of figurines and ornaments. Most are new in boxes some limited editions and som ...

FS Hundreds Of Precious Moment Plus Hundreds More05/10/19
  Hundreds Of Precious Moment Plus Hundreds More
There will be Hundreds of Precious Moment figurines as well as Hundreds of other collectibles sold on auction in Tunas, ...

FS Collection Of Precious Moments10/02/18
  Collection Of Precious Moments
I have a collection of Precious Moments in original boxes from a club member since the late 70ís early 80ís. I have clu ...

FS Precious Moments Collection02/19/18
   Precious Moments Collection
I have 64 Precious Moments figurines. All are in excellent shape except one which has a bird broke off and most have or ...

FS Precious Moments Figurines11/09/17
  Precious Moments Figurines
I have approximately 250 Precious Moments figurines that I would like to part with a portion of. After researching onli ...

FS Precious Moments Lot11/10/17
   Precious Moments Lot
Large lot of adorable precious moments! Needed to deplete my collection a little. A full list of the collection will be ...

FS Precious Moments Lot10/23/17
    Precious Moments Lot
Large lot of adorable precious moments! Needed to deplete my collection a little. I am including two vintage figurines f ...

FS Precious Moments10/19/17
  Precious Moments
I have 29 figurines for sale, 3 large dolls, original boxes for most. Asking $600 for entire collection. ...

FS Large Collection Of Precious Moments From 198007/20/17
  Large Collection Of Precious Moments From 1980
I have over one hundred Precious Moments figurines from the 1980. It includes Suspended, Retired and Members Only. If yo ...

FS Precious Moment Collectibles For Sale - Bulk07/14/17
  Precious Moment Collectibles For Sale - Bulk
Mint condition Precious Moments figurines for sale. All come with boxes and paperwork. Date ranging from mid 1980s to ...

FS Precious Moments For Sale07/04/17
   Precious Moments For Sale
have approximately 40 Precious Moments for sale, most are members only pieces, will send pictures if interested, all in ...

FS 7 For $70.00 Or Best Offer06/11/16
  7 For $70.00 Or Best Offer
7-Precious Moments Figurines for sale, $70.00--for all includes shipping & postage. 1978--Jesus Loves Me, #E-1372/G. 1 ...

FS Entire Collection Of Precious Moments For Sale07/05/18
     Entire Collection Of Precious Moments For Sale
Entire Collection for sale.The collection is in mint condition all in original boxes with cards. Email me if you are int ...

FS Figures To Sell04/01/16
  Figures To Sell
I have about 300 figures to sell, complete sugartown, signed pieces, please contact me if intersted ...

FS Precious Moments Collectibles For Sale03/28/16
  Precious Moments Collectibles For Sale
I have many Precious Moments figurines. There are Retired, Suspended, Club Membership, Members Only, Limited Edition, C ...

FS Precious Moments Collectors/Fun Club Pieces For Sa03/01/16
  Precious Moments Collectors/Fun Club Pieces For Sa
I have about 50 Collectors Club/Fun Club pieces for sale from $10 (Fun Club) to $25 (Collectors Club). Please email me ...

FS Precious Moments For Sale02/24/16
   Precious Moments For Sale
I have several Precious Moments Figurines I am selling they are: Heaven Bless You, Love Rescued Me, High Hopes, Blessed ...

FS Precious Moments Sugar Town Complete Set 02/06/16
  Precious Moments Sugar Town Complete Set
I have almost every surgar town piece that there is. There is only 2-3 pieces that I don't have. everything is in origin ...

FS Precious Moments Figurines02/02/16
   Precious Moments Figurines
I am looking to sell my precious moments collection. Here are a few, God is Love, Bless um you, I still do, the heavenly ...

Precious Moments Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB We Would See Jesus01/26/19
I am looking for the figurine We Would See Jesus for my great aunt. She has a huge collection and this is the one piece that she really wants.

WTB 123024 Precious Moments You Know What I Mean When 09/13/18
Look for the above mentioned piece.

WTB Selling 08/21/18
I am looking to sell my precious moments collection. If interested please email me. Thank you

WTB Granddaughter You Are My Sunshine.08/12/18
Looking for figurine with the words "Granddaughter you are my sunshine". It is a blonde girl holding a sunflower. It is from 2009 Hamilton collection.

WTB Granddaughter You Are My Sunshine.08/12/18
Looking for figurine with the words "Granddaughter you are my sunshine". It is a blonde girl holding a sunflower. It is from 2009 Hamilton collection.

WTB WTB Precious Moments07/05/18
I have found the pieces I wanted to replace.
Thank you

WTB John Deere Precious Moments11/27/17
I am looking for a few John Deere Precious Moments figurines for my one-year-old to give to her Papa for Christmas. Please let me know if you have any of the following for sale. You Always Keep Me On The Right Track Like Father Like Son Thank you so very much!

WTB Precious Moments Garden Natitivy Pieces09/26/17
My mother has Mary and baby, Joseph, one king, and the boy and girl angles. Looking to buy other pieces to this large resin set. I know there is a shepherd and I wonder if there or more than one king. Please email if you have these pieces that you are wanting to sell.

WTB Precious Moments "Hunny Of a Day"07/12/17
Looking for the "Hunny of a Day" birthday figurines. Age 3, 4 and 5

WTB Wanted Country Western John Deere Topper06/01/17
I am looking for the john Deere precious moments wedding cake topper. This explains me and my fiance perfectly I'm will to pay anything. I have searched for a year. I want this for our wedding. Please help me. It has a moon in the background boy on the tractor with a hat and girl in a wedding dress standing next to him.

WTB Riding Towards Greener Pastures - John Deere-Girl04/18/17
In search of the little girl driving a John Deere Tractor figurine. If you can please help me, I can be reached at the above listed e-mail address. Thank You So Much !!

WTB Precious Moments 03/26/17
I have 7 precious moments figurines I have 2 ceramic mugs, a alarm clock, 3 small plates and a bigger figurine.if you would like pictures I'll send them to you if your interested.

WTB Bride and Groom John Deere Tractor02/25/17
I am looking for precious moments bride and groom with john deere tractor

WTB My Heart Races Only For You01/31/17
I'm looking for the Boy in the Hot Rod figurine, not the ornament.

WTB Our Love is the Bridge To Happiness01/16/17
I am looking for the Precious Moments Figurine "Our Love is the Bridge to Happiness". Please contact me if you have one for sale.

WTB May Your Faith Light the Way12/20/16
Looking for 2009 "may your faith light the way" ball ornament.

WTB Looking For "You Know What I Mean When"12/08/16
Searching for a certain figurine for my mom. She lost her only sister to cancer in february. My aunt was only 40. The precious moment figurine is "You know what I mean when I can't find the words."

WTB Wanted: Held By Hands Of Faith Chapel Exclusive11/25/16
Looking for the PM Chapel exclusive "Held By Hands Of Faith" for a reasonable price.

WTB Looking For I Love You Grandma-boy From 201111/15/16
If anyone has this figurine for sale please contact me. Thank you

WTB Looking For I Love You Grandma-boy From 201111/15/16
If anyone has this figurine for sale please contact me. Thank you

WTB "Your'e Always a Part Of Me", the Hamilton Collect10/07/16
Hi. Im looking for a precious moment figure that was sold through the hamilton collection, its "Together or apart, your'e always part of me". It is a mother with a tear, a daughter and two suitcases with a small teddy bear on the suitcases.

WTB 08/30/16
Looking for these two hamiltom made prwcious moments.Daddy's little girl and together or apart you're a part of me.

WTB Wanted Precious Moments Disney Letter E and L 06/13/16
Please if anyone has the precious moments Disney letter E Snow White and L princess Jasmine I need them to complete my nieces name for her baptism.

WTB Looking For a Birthday Gift 05/16/16
my mom loves these precious moments figures and i want to buy like a whole set of them if anyone has a bunch of them they don't want to sell or a birthday theme one.

WTB LOOKING For Retired Precious Moments Disney Fig05/06/16
i'm looking for cinderella and godmother 121036 and alice in wonderland

WTB Looking For Dolls03/12/16
i'm looking for the precious moments dolls of patriotic blessings 1-5 and also looking for easter blessings 1-4. don't want to pay a lot for them but a price that I can afford. thank u

WTB 1987 Our First Christmas Together, Glass Ball02/03/16
1987 shows man in hunter cap and rifle while woman looking on. Ours broke this last Christmas (2015). Willing to pay top dollar!

WTB All Disney Precious Moments01/21/16
I was looking for a piece of disney precious moments the one with Cinderella and her fairy godmother

WTB WTB Precious Moments "I Love You Grandma" Figurine01/09/16
Grandma reading to grandson. Item model number 113014

WTB Sisters - "Always a Sister, Forever a Friend"12/22/15
Two sisters sitting on a couch drinking coffee. (Title is over to the left of the couch)

WTB Looking For Faith Lifts You Figure12/21/15
If anyone has this for sale, please let me know

WTB "riding Towards Greener Pastures BOY"06/07/15
Looking for the "Riding towards greener pastures BOY - a little boy riding on a john deere tractor

WTB Mother With Bride Figurine05/17/15
Looking for Precious Moments "My daughter my pride such a beautiful bride." Please contact me ASAP.

WTB You're Destined For Greatness04/25/15
Help! Broke my granddaughter's Precious Moments "You're Destined for Greatness" figurine that her parents bought her and would love to replace it! (missing a hand, otherwise I would just glue it back together).

WTB Want To Buy: Beautiful and Blushing PM 05/06/15
I am looking for the figurine: Beautiful and Blushing, My Baby's Now A Bride. With original box is preferred.

WTB Musical Waterglobe - Friends Never Drift Apart 04/29/15
looking for this musical waterglobe. our house burnt and my daughter really wants hers replaced. if anyone has one in new shape and wants to sell it, please contact me. thank you.

WTB Mother Of the Bride Figurine04/01/15
I am looking for any Precious Moments Mother of the bride figurine for my sister-in-law whose daughter is getting married April 11th.

WTB Wanted: Bride and Mother Figurine03/06/15
I'm looking for the precious moments figurine of either "beautiful and blushing my baby's now a bride" or "my daughter my pride such a beautiful bride" to give to my mother for my wedding in June.

WTB Buying Precious Moments01/30/17
I am a new collector. Please e-mail me photos of what you have and the cost you want for your collection. Thank you.

WTB WTB: Precious Moments Hot Shot (141034) Ornament02/23/15
I am looking for the Precious Moments Hot Shot (141034) hockey ornament

WTB Looking For "The Lord Was With Joseph" PM02/03/15
I'm looking for "The Lord Was with Joseph" PM. It was part of the Bible Story Heroes Collection. It is a full size figurine. Not the one from the Little Moments series.

WTB We Three Kings12/31/14
Looking for one or two sets of the Precious Moments "We Three Kings" (standard size, not mini) that were retired in 2008.

WTB Precious Moments Water Globe12/30/14
looking for a precious moment water globe you keep me afloat

WTB Wtb Precious Moments "Fairytales Can Come True" 12/20/14
I am looking for a ©2003 item number 111754 precious moments figurine. The item is quite rare and hard to find. The figurine is of a girl standing next to a dollhouse with birds propped on the window sills.

WTB Looking For Mother Of the Bride PM12/07/14
I am getting married soon, and would love to get my Precious Moments collecting mother one of the MOB figurines. There are two different ones that would work. The first is called "My daughter, my pride, such a beautiful bride" (PM# 103017). The second is called "Beautiful And Blushing, My Baby's Now A Bride" (PM# 117802). Any help would be so helpful!!

WTB Looking For MOTHER and DAUGHTER WEDDING Precious11/27/14
Hi. I am currently on a search for a precious moment figurine to give my mother on my wedding day. The description of the item My Daughter, My Pride - Precious Moments Bride and Mother Figurine (PM 1030-17) If anyone has this and is selling please contact me. Thank you.

WTB WANTED - Precious Moments Disney Letter "A"11/23/14
I will pay top dollar for Disney letter "A" with Ariel to complete my niece's name for Christmas.

WTB Precious Moments Nativity Goat11/23/14
Looking for E-5621 goat to go with my nativity...I broke mine :(

WTB WTB- "believe in the Power Of True Love "09/16/14
I'm looking to buy the disney precious moments figure, believe in the power of true love

WTB Please Help!!07/16/14
I am looking to possibly purchase the God Loveth A Cheerful Giver figurine for my mother for her birthday. We have looked everywhere for it and everyone wants a crazy amount for it. If you can help me out, please let me know! Thank you!!

WTB Wanted: "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck" Figurine07/13/14
Precious Moments "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck" figurine, 2002, #110265. The figurine features two chicks standing, facing each other, and reads "I Love You A Bushel And A Peck" in the background. Wanted as a cake topper for my "Precious" granddaughter's first birthday cake. Thanks!

Hello everyone! I am looking for the Wendy and Peter Pan Disney Precious Moments figurine, titled "I'm Never Lost When I'm With You", item number #104010. If you or anyone you know of has one for sale, please contact me for an immediate purchase. Am willing to pay a higher price for it!!!

WTB Wanted....mother Of Bride Precious Moment07/10/14
hello... I am eager to purchase a mother of the bride precious moment figurine for my mother for a wedding thank you gift. Please contact me if you have either one of the retired figurines for sale. THANK YOU!

WTB WTB-Disney PM Figurine - Spread Your Wings &dream 07/07/14
Wish to gift to my child as a reminder of her first trips to Disneyland the above mentioned figurine and Small World one too

WTB Wtb Precious Moment Disney Cruise Line Exclusive. 06/30/14
There is a PM that was exclusive to the Disney Cruise Line Ships in 2010. It's title Part of Your World and looks identical to the Ariel figurine that was sold in stores with the exception where Ariel is holding Flounder the DCL Exclusive she is holding a Disney Cruise Ship

WTB Precious Moments Collection06/13/14
looking to buy 1 or more pieces in the sea of friendship collection. please help

WTB Sea Of Friendship06/13/14
i am looking for the sea of friendship series from 2002-2004. i've recently had some of mine broken.

WTB My Daughter, My Pride; Such a Beautiful Bride06/13/14
Hi - I'm looking to buy the retired figurine, My daughter, my pride; such a beautiful bride. I would love to give this as a gift and it is retired. Please reach out to me at if you have this and are selling. Thanks!

WTB Wanted.."held By the Hands Of Faith" 990013 05/10/14
I am looking for precious moments figurine called "held by the hands of faith" #990013 released in 2009. Please contact me if you are looking to sell one. Thank you in advance for your time.

WTB My Daughter, My Sunshine Wanted04/29/14
I am looking for my daughter, my sunshine precious moment, need it badly for Mother's Day

WTB Wanting To Buy Precious Moments Figurine 04/19/14
I am searching for Precious Moments figurine "Mommy's love goes with you". Please contact me if anyone is willing to sell it. It's for my sister who lost her son. Thanks!!!

WTB Looking For Disney Event PM's04/10/14
I'm looking for You are my Cup of Tea & Spread Your Wings & Fly Dumbo event PM's. Also, Our Love is the Bridge to Happiness.

WTB Boy Hugging a Duck02/18/14
A little boy hugging a duck

WTB Trying To Make a Friend Super Happy02/01/14
looking for the precious moments boy statue/figurine part of the garden collection in 1999. He is about 16 inches tall/a little more/little less...blond hair and pale clothes my best friend has the girl stature/figurine now sitting in her living room pale clothes, blond hair in 2 cute ponytails. Really want my friend to have it. No luck. Called precious moment base and got the cobra that brought the right to make them part of their garden collection no longer selling I know but there has to be someone out there who knows what I'm talking about. Id you do, please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

WTB Wanted: PM "Held on By the Hands Of Faith"01/29/14
Looking for the Chapel exclusive PM "Held on By the hands Of Faith".

WTB Looking For the PM "Our Love is the Bridge..."01/29/14
I'm looking for the PM "Our Love is the Bridge to happiness". It was limited to 3000 pieces.

WTB Mommy's Love Goes With You01/09/14
Wanted to buy Mommy's Love Goes with You, old or new edition.

WTB Wanted!! "Mommy's Love Goes With You"01/08/14
I have been searching for the figure "Mommy's Love Goes With You" either the 2007 or 2012 version. It is a mother handing her baby to an angel. I suffered a miscarriage last year and would really like to own this piece. Thank you. - Brenda

WTB Looking To Buy the Limited Edition Cind.coach 01/07/14
I'm looking for the big one .the one that's limited to 1500 .if anyone out there is looking to sell it please contact me .thank you

WTB Wanted: Broken Precious Moments01/30/17
I am happy to buy (or if you wish to donate!) any Precious Moments in need of repair, even missing parts. Just love them as they are.

WTB Buying Precious Moment Collections!01/29/17
Please forward your list including the name, item number, and annual marking if it meets the following criteria: Items come with the original boxes From a smoke-free environment

WTB We Will Love Your Collection, Please Help Us Start One!01/29/17
Hello, my name is Amanda i have two little girls and we want to start a precious moments collection. We brows and look at them all the time. I think it would be great to buy one for christmas or a birthday maybe even just because. The thing is i want to start with at least 15 or so then add on. Can you help. I can offer some money...And a promise we'll keep them forever. So if you have some hanging around and wouldnt mind let My girls and I know!!!

Hi, If anyone have a massive precious moments FIGURINES that you want to sell, please send me your list and your asking price. It would be great if you could provide me with pictures also. Thanks!!!

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