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Fitz and Floyd Figurines For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Fitz & Floyd AMAZING Christmas Tree Cookie Jar05/11/14
  Fitz & Floyd AMAZING Christmas Tree Cookie Jar
Shipping is extra/Il. res pay 9.25% sales tax. Paypal or postal money order. Shipping only in the Continental USA. Visit ...

FS Fitz & Floyd Snowmen Cookie Jar12/29/13
  Fitz & Floyd Snowmen Cookie Jar
Cookie jar has box. Chicago pick up ~ Postal money order or Paypal only ~ No returns, refunds or exchanges. Ask question ...

Fitz and Floyd Figurines Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Cat-astrophe Bookends Wanted10/04/14
I'm looking for the Cat-astrophe bookends made in Japan. Had a household accident and broke mine.

WTB Fitz & Floyd Large Witch Vase Late 80's08/30/14
Looking for Fitz & Floyd Large Green face Witch and she has a vase on her back. She is about 18" tall. She is mostly black & green. I believe she is from 1988.

WTB Wanted Fitz & Floyd Dracula Lg. Server/candy Dish 08/02/14
The spread -out cape serves as the place where the food goes. This piece was probably out in 1980 or so--it resembles the witch with her cape spread out as well. Please let me know if you have one to sell ! thank you !

WTB Wanted Fitz & Floyd Dracula Lg. Server/candy Dish 08/02/14
The spread -out cape serves as the place where the food goes. HIs head is at the top of the dish . This piece was probably out in 1980 or so--it resembles the witch server with her cape spread out as well. Please let me know if you have one to sell ! thank you !

Looking for either frame (or both) made in the Equestrian pattern by Fitz and Floyd. I had one 5x7 and it fell off table and broke :-(. Must be reasonable price.

WTB Complete My Pair05/05/14
I would like to purchase at a reasonable price an Old World 17" female rabbit to complete my pair. Had to sell this one a few years ago due to spousal separation

WTB Wanted Fitz and Floyd Airstream Cookie Jar04/19/14
Fitz and Floyd airstream trailer cookie jar Omnibus Route 66

WTB Dapper Rabbits03/27/14
I am searching for a set of Fitz and Floyd Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny Dapper Rabbits. The are both about 20 inches tall.

WTB Fitz and Floyd Santa Centerpiece 1987 Wanted 12/01/13
I am looking for a large Fitz and Floyd Santa Centerpiece with a bag for toys over his shoulder. He is standing on a base with toys and presents around his feet. Vintage 1987 Japan

WTB Fitz and Floyd Black Nude Bookend12/29/13
I 'm searching for a pair or the right hand only black Art Deco Style Fitz and Floyd nude bookend.

WTB 1987 Face Tooth Brush Holder06/30/13
good/excellent condition, fitz and Floyd 1987 toothbrush holder. has a face and hand with blue toothbrush

WTB Hippo Limpix Cookie Jar07/20/13
hippopotamus cookie jar with a hippo lifting a barbell with a cookie on each end,

WTB Bookends - Jumping/racing Horse09/07/13
I want to buy the Fitz and Floyd Classic Bookends of the jumping/racing horses over the jumps.

WTB Little Miracles07/17/13
Cherub with puppy on a cloud watering flowers

WTB Fitz and Floyd Santa Pulled By Reindeer02/14/13
I am looking for the Santa Cookie Jar pulled by the rein deer. I think this piece was in the 80's.

WTB Woodland Santa Rabbit01/07/13
"Woodland Santa" Rabbit is standing. This is an old Christmas Rabbit.

WTB Santa With Reindeer 12/30/12
Want to buy this centerpiece that was sold at SAMs club in 2005 or 2006.

WTB Santa With Reindeer 12/30/12
Want to buy this centerpiece that was sold at SAMs club in 2005 or 2006.

WTB Wanted 5 Tumbling Angels, Fitz & Floyd12/29/12
Wanted set of 5 porcelain tumbling angels by Fitz & Floyd, FF Japan

WTB Fat Cat Cookie Jar By Fitz and Floyd12/07/12
I'm looking for a 1970/80's Fat cat cookie jar ; fat sleeping cat with mouse sitting on its head

WTB Fitz&Floyd Tumbling Angels12/02/12
white porcelon angels doing somersalt---there are 5, I broke one----please someone!

WTB Pink Dancing Hippos Vase Re: 198010/22/12
i am desperately looking for a fitz and floyd vase with pink dancing hippos. i will make it worth your while!! please contact me me if you know where i can buy one.

WTB French Market Pig Utensil Holder10/12/12
I would love to find a French Market Pig Utensil holder {the one that hangs on the wall}.

WTB 1970s White FF Elephant Bookends Made in Japan06/24/12
I need one or a pair of these bookends. The elephant is all white, standing on a brown and tan pedestal, trunk up, one foot lifted. Will pay reasonable top dollar.

WTB Mr. Sneeze04/20/12
Really want to purchase Fitz and Floyd Mr. Sneeze Tissue Box

WTB Fitz and Floyd Lobster Tureen (Fisherman's Catch)03/06/12
Desperately seeking. I am looking for the Lobster Tureen of the Fisherman's Catch piece. It has an adorable red lobster sitting on top with seashells underneath him with green handles on each side with a scallop for the ladle. Please contact ASAP if you are willing to sell this item. Many thanks.

WTB French Market Pig01/17/12
Looking for the 1993 French Market Pig utensil holder. The one that stands alone (like a pitcher) not the wall hanger. He has asparagus in his mouth and carrots in his arms. thanks

WTB Fitz & Floyd White Dragon Figurines01/18/12
There are a pair of two different dragons, one is holding a ball and is somewhat curled up on himself, the other is not. The first one measures 10 1/2" x 7" x 8 1/4" tall and the second one 11" long x 5 3/4" tall

WTB F & F Cookie Jar Lid01/14/12
I am looking for a bunny rabbit cookie jar lid. The bottom is a table with baby bunnies underneath and mommy bunny's dress is blue and white plaid.

WTB Coq Du Village Cookie Jar Lid Needed01/10/12
I need the lid to the Coq Du Village rooster cookie jar. The colorful rooster is sitting on vegetables and small daisies. The lid is the rooster's back and dark green tail feathers.

WTB WTB12/29/11
looking for 1993 Flora F & F Bunny tea pot or pitcher. Light brown in color. I have the S & P pieces.

WTB Black Deco Seated Nudes Bookends12/05/11
The left hand bookend survived my son's dog, the righthand did not. I'll purchase either a right hand bookend or a pair.

WTB Fitz and Floyd Tumbling Angels Set Of 512/04/11
I'm searching for Fitz and Floyd porcelain tumbling angels. There are 5 in the box.

WTB Fat Lady Sweetener Packet Holder09/24/11
Looking for Fitz & Floyd Fat Lady Sweetener Packet Holder!!

WTB Searched Hghi and Low09/18/11
I was given 2 adorable Little Miracle angels and fell in love! I NEVER imagined it would be this hard to find more! If anyone has the complete set or atleast has knowldege of where to find them I would be so happy : )

WTB Looking For Archie and Edith Plates07/14/11
looking for 2 plates, Archie and Edith, dated 1977 from Fitz and Floyd.
Have found Edith plate, still looking for Archie. May come as a plate and cup set.

WTB Santa and Reindeer Centerpiece Sold At Sams06/07/11
Sams Club sold a center piece about 2004 or 2005 Was a Santa and Reindeer..would like to purchase if you have it

WTB Wanted: Fitz and Floyd Snowman Cookie Jar04/24/11
I am searching to buy a Fitz and Floyd snowman cookie jar that was sold during the early to mid 1990's. The snowman is holding presents and there are presents around his feet.

WTB Fritz & Floyd Rabbit Pitcher04/12/11
Rabbit has purple flowers, green handle and spout with faint green & light brown body. Have broken the head. Would like to replace head or whole rabbit.

WTB Fitz and Floyd Holiday Pine Standing Reindeer03/07/11
holiday pine standing reindeer

WTB Holiday Pine Standing Reindeer01/12/11
Looking for the Holiday Pine standing reindeer candlestick figurine

WTB Large Mediterraneo Rooster01/10/11
Looking to buy large rooster, it is about 16" tall.

WTB Fitz and Floyd Hippo Oreo Cookie Jar01/02/11
I have been looking for the fitz and floyd, pink,oreo, hippo cookie jar that matches the salt and pepper shakers that I have.

WTB Wanted Dapper Male and Female Figurines12/27/10
I am looking to purchase both the male and female dapper rabbits by Fitz and Floyd. Thanks

WTB Wanted Fitz and Floyd12/13/10
wanted 1987 Hog or Hen items and any Fitz and Floyd fox items

WTB Sweet Pea11/17/10
Fitz and Floyd Sweet Pea figurine from around 1979

WTB Wanted 1987 Hog Or Hen Teapot10/22/10
Interested in anything from the Hog or Hen collection from 1987

WTB Fitz and Floyd Sea Captain Pipe10/19/10
Looking for the pipe that the Sea Captain is holding in his mouth.

WTB Fitz & Floyd Dapper Rabbits- Male & Female09/07/10
Want to buy large male & femaile Fitz & Floyd Dapper Rabbits figurines.

WTB Harvest Heritage Female Figurine09/04/10
I am looking for the female Havest Heritage figurine.

WTB Pewter Wise Men Wanted09/04/10
I need the Arabian and Nubian pewter wise men.

WTB Halloween Dracula 16" Figurine09/04/10
Dracula Figurine about 16" tall.

WTB Country Gourmet Hen Covered Vegetable Dish08/05/10
Looking for Hen sitting on woven basket (or just the basket, because mine broke) Box says Covered Vegetable Bowl 78/213 Fitz and Floyd 2000

WTB Reindeer Pitcher By Fitz and Floyd07/24/10
I wish to purchase a reindeer pitcher made by Fitz and Floyd (whimsical) originally made within the last decade. He stands about a foot tall and he sits on back legs and is actually a pitcher - liquid pours through his open mouth. It was given to me by my husband's mother and I broke it and I am very sad.

We are renting a house and broke a Fits & Floyd ash tray that has a dog chasing a cat "through it" - light brown. Would really love to be able to replace it - it certainly has sentimental value to the owners!!

WTB Fitz & Floyd - Horse With Rider and Clock04/23/10
I am interested in purchasing the Dressage Horse with Rider and clock by Fitz and Floyd. If you have one in great condition, please contact me. Thanks!

WTB Fitz & Floyd Rooster04/22/10
I would like to buy a fitz & floyd 18" Country Gourmet Rooster. the one with autumn colors

WTB Tumbling Frogs (set Of Five)04/16/10
I purchased the Tumbling Frogs in the 1970's for my mother when she was taking an exercise class. She has since passed and I cannot locate the frogs in her belongings. I would like to replace them. There are five white frogs in various exercise positions. They are about 4" high. They were sold by Fitz and Floyd. Thanks, Lynne

WTB Cookie Jar01/24/10
Looking for Fitz and Floyd cookie jar Santa on burro wearing a sombrero

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