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Miscellaneous Figurines For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Seraphim Classics06/23/14
   Seraphim Classics
Seraphim Classics "Sisters" Heart and Soul figurine ...

FS Willow Tree Figurines06/23/14
   Willow Tree Figurines
2 small angels and one large ...


FS House Of Broel Collection 1960's Dentist & Patient03/01/13
   House Of Broel Collection 1960's Dentist & Patient
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisite 1960's sculpture Dentist with a pa ...

FS House Of Broel Collection 1900's Coach Lighter03/01/13
   House Of Broel Collection 1900's Coach Lighter
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisitely 1900's Collectible Figurine. Coa ...

Miscellaneous Figurines Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Enesco Growing Up Birthday African American Graduate05/12/14
I am looking for an Enesco Growing Up Birthday African American graduate figurine. It may be called Enesco Birthday Beauty. I believe this figurine was made in 1997.

WTB WTB Grandma, Meg Beige Dress03/02/14
I am looking to purchase the following All God's Children figurines: Grandma and Meg (beige dress).


WTB in the Beginning Figurine01/21/14
Looking for Precious Moments In The Beginning Series Age 6, God Made All the Animals

WTB MissMartha's Sammy & Leisha 1991 Figurine11/10/13
I have a few of this artist's collection and am looking for a figurine as shown "Sammy & Leisha. Regards

WTB Grandma 132312/09/12
WTB Grandma by Miss Martha Originals (AGC)

WTB Fitz and Floyd Vase09/04/12
I am looking for a discontinued Fitz and Floyd ceramic Zebra head vase.

WTB Danbury Mint Chicago Teams06/01/12
im looking for mike singletary,greg maddux,bobby hull,mark prior or 1985 superbowl greats....danbury mint

WTB Goebel Angel Figurines Wanted04/03/12
looking for vintage goegel "ANGEL" figurines

WTB Homco Nativity Figurines12/14/11
Am looking to buy a Homco Nativity Set, #5599, for Christmas. Thank you.

WTB Franklin Mint 1989 Nativity Star12/11/11
looking for a replacement swavorski crystal star that came with the Franklin Mint nativity set by Giovani Benvenuti 1989

WTB Need To Complete Large Nativity-resin11/30/11
we were sold a set of nativity lacking Joseph and Baltazar (black wiseman) they are 42" figurines so if you have them and can part, please let us know. Also, if you have manger animals we may add tehm. Thanks!

WTB Wanted Parasol For 5005 Or 487911/29/11
mint parasols wanted

WTB Goebel M.I. Hummel, Roses Are Red09/21/11
#752 1998 in original box with certificate. in a smoke free home.

WTB Looking Specific Figurines08/19/11
Looking to purchase one of the following -- order of preference: #530 - Land in Sight (TMK-7) (1988 MID, 9" x91/8)or #408 - Smiling Through (TMK-6) (1983 MID, 4 3/4") or #406 - Pleasant Journey (1976 MID, 7 3/8" x 6 3/8") or #412- Bath Time (1978 MID, 6 1/8") or #487 - Let's Tell the World (1988 MID 8"x10 7/8" Century Collection) or #635 - Welcome Spring (TMK-7) (1993 12 1/4", Century Collection) or #541 - Sweet As Can be (1993/94, Club exclusive. Preview edition)

WTB Danbury Mint08/17/11
Wanted: Romantic Paris by Danbury Mint

WTB WTB All Gods Children Figurines06/08/11
Wanted to buy Miss Martha Originals figurines Meg,Abe,Emma,Calvin,Sugar and Spice,Booker,Beverly,etc.Please email.

WTB Wedding Couple Cake Topper06/06/11
Groom in white tux. Bride in white dress. Couple hugging with bride's head on groom's chest. I believe it is a Nao.

WTB Rare Shepherd's Daughter By Home Interiors03/20/11

WTB 12 Apostle Figurines02/23/11
2 apostle figurines, each 4 to 5 inches tall

WTB 12 Apostle Figurines02/08/11
12 apostle figurines, each 4 to 5 inches tall

WTB Napco Flower Of the Month Girls W/ Flower Umbrella01/31/11
Looking for Napco (National Pottery Co) Flower Of The Month Girls that carry a flower umbrella. Each are approx. 4" tall. Please contact me if you have one or more to sell. Prefer them to be complete with flower umbrella. Thanks!

WTB Seeking Franklin Mint Nativity - Joseph01/27/11
Looking for the Joseph figurine from the Franklin Mint Nativity by Gianni Benvenuti.

WTB Enesco Camel and Other Nativity Pieces Wanted01/12/11
Looking for finishing pieces to Enesco Designed Giftware. The artist is Paul L. Connelly. The basic nativity set of 9 pieces is called "And there were shepherds." They are porcelain glaze figurines. I am looking for the camel and other farm animals to complete the set. Have the three kings. 1988 or 1989 is stamped on the figures.

WTB Homco White Bisque Christmas Nativity Set Wise Man12/30/10
Searching for one of 3 Homco White Bisque Wise Men - The one that is standing and has a short beard holding a ceramic urn shaped jar-he has the number 5616 on the bottom and stands about 8" tall

WTB HOMCO #5599 Angel #5116 Figurine From Nativity Set12/17/10
My angel figurine has lost a hand. With a little research, it seems to be part 5116 of the 5599 set. If anyone has this, please mail me. Thank you

WTB White Porcelain Homco Nativity12/02/10
I broke the 'Mary' to my nativity set, does anyone know where I can find one or the 3 piece set sold by Home Interieors circa 1980's? Also would like to have the shepherd with the donkey.

WTB Ensco Africian Aemerican Birthday Beauties11/30/10
I am looking for ages 10,12,14,and 15 in the Enesco Africian American birthday beauties. New preferred but will accept used but in excellent condition.

WTB Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs By Evan K. Shaw11/10/10
Hi, I'm looking for a complete set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, made by Evan K. Shaw in the 1940's. In mint or good condition. For a fair price. Please email me if you have a set for sale of know where i can get them. Thanks Steph

WTB Gerold Porzellan Girl W/ Basket Of Roses Figurine11/02/10
This figurine was given to me as a child by my grandmother, and it was broken while I was moving. I am desperately seeking a replacement, have been looking for years online but haven't found it yet.

WTB Danbury Mint 2005 Wisconsin Badger Collectible10/25/10
I am looking to purchase a 2005 Wisconsin Badger Danbury Mint Christmas Collectible. It is a hot air balloon with the Wisconsin Badger logo.

WTB Miss Martha All Gods Children Friguines Meg,Grandm10/12/10
WTB All Gods Children figurines Meg white dress,Grandma,Abe,Booker etc,

WTB Italian Nativity Set By Borsato09/08/10
17 piece porcelain italian nativity set. each piece numbered on bottom. tallest piece apx 18". Artist is Borsato

I am looking for LLadro figurine called Oriental Beauty, Bearing flowers, oriental dance, and oriental lantern and the 3 mermaids of LLadro IIlusion, fantasy and mirage. Who ever wishes to contact me if they would like to sell one I would be very happy. thanks

WTB the Vatican Nativity From Franklin Mint08/25/10
I'm looking for the blue angel.

WTB LaDainian Tomlinson Danbry Mint Statue08/13/10
Looking for the Danbury Mint Player Figurine. Will pay top dollar. Need more than 1 if possible

WTB Wanted: Franklin Mint Faberge Nativity Figures01/01/12
I want to purchase a Russian Faberge style Nativity Set (or posssibly individual figures)originally sold by Franklin Mint. Thx

WTB High Five Fiqurine05/23/10
I am searching for the Little Miracles "High Five" fiqurine by Marie Osmond. It's a lIttle girl with strings of pearls around her neck, and wearing her mother's oversized shoes, with a number 5 on the fiqurine.

WTB Afro American Shelf Sitter Doll05/12/10
I'm looking for a shelf sitter, Its a young black girl about 9" with jeans and black and white shoes, her legs are flexible she's reading a book and she has braids tied back. I don't know who made her but I saw her in a hospital gift shop and neglected to buy her then and now she's gone, I would like to find her again, if anyone has her or knows who made her please contact me via e-mail, thanks Lori

WTB Really Looking For this Figurine For My Mother!04/25/10
I am looking for a porcelain figurine of a girl in overalls and a pink shirt. she is laying in the grass on her stomach. Her hair is blonde and is in a braid. i believe it may have been a set with a boy in overalls in a white shirt also blonde hair and laying in grass. i broke the girl of this set and really want to find her.

WTB Need Jesus/others For Homco 5609 Nativity Set03/15/10
Have 5609 Nativity set but missing Jesus. If have Mary, Joseph, any animals would consider. Have 3 wise men, angle with lamb, 2 shephards (l candle, 1 stick) and 1430 angel. Any other pieces considered.

WTB Doves Circa 198503/11/10
I trying to locate a porcelain figurine by Home Interiors (HOMECO) called "Doves"(?) circa 1985. Large white dove with outspread wings perched over a smaller white dove on branch.

WTB Leopards Domain03/11/10
I'm trying to locate a porcelain animal figurine by Home Interiors (HOMECO) called 'Leopard's Domain' (2003).

WTB Wedgwood the Drummers03/01/10
I am looking for the Royal Marine porcelain figurine to complete my collection of this set of 5.

WTB WTB: Marie Osmond Little Miracles #702/01/10
Marie Osmond Through the years Little miracles Birthday Girl Collection figurine #7. Thanks!

WTB Captain and His Lover01/25/10
I would like to buy this discontinued figurine for a Summer 2010 wedding. If you have one or know who made them please contact me. Thank you!

My cat just destroyed my 3 figurines given to me by my grandmother 45 years ago. They have traveled all over the US without a scrape. I am so heartsick I am besides myself. These figurines were about 10" tall - 1 girl and 2 boys standing by a wooden rail fence feeding geese. On the bottom it says "Designed by Erich Staffer" S8430 with 2 crossed arrows. They look like Hummels. Thanks in advance. :-((

WTB Melchoir FromThe Vatican Nativity, Limited Edition12/19/09
I am looking for Melchior from The Vatican Nativity offered by The Franklin Mint. It is a limited edition, fine porcelain piece and will have the Vatican stamp on the bottom of the figurine. A sticker says it is "crafted in Thailand." This should be numbered in gold on the bottom.

WTB Little Sleeping Boy12/17/09
Looking for a figurine of a little boy sleeping in bed with his baseball cap on the bedpost. I'm not sure if it was a Precious Moments figurine but it did look like one. It plays music, and it's from 1983.

WTB Homco Wise Man Figurine For Set #559912/13/09
I'm looking for a standing Wise Man figurine to replace the one in my set, which has a chipped hand. This figurine has an Arab-style, white head covering, and his robe is a creamy pink. Please e-mail me with your price and S/H. Thank you!

WTB Homco (Home Interiors) White Bisque Wise Men12/13/09
I am searching for a set of Homco/Home Interiors white bisque wise men; approximately 8" tall. These figurines go with the Holy Family set #5614 & Animal set #5621.

WTB WTB: SCHMID Band Of Angels in White Only12/12/09
I'm looking for the Schmid band of angels. I'll take the complete set or the replacement pieces I need are: the Director and the Horn Player. Email me if you have either of these pieces or the entire set of 6. Thank you.

WTB Home Interiors Nativity Wisemen 12/09/09
I am looking for the Wisemen for a nativity that was purchased from Home Interiors in the early 80's. They are all white.

WTB Franklin Mint Treasury Of the Unicorn06/10/11
I am still looking for the Pink Lace Unicorn from the Franklin Mint Treasury of the Unicorn figurine collection. Please contact me if you have one available.

WTB Searching For a Home Interiors White Nativity Set.11/28/09
I am searching for the three piece holy family white bisque nativity set #5614 made by Home Interiors also called Homco. I am trying to replace mine which just got broken.

WTB GG Santiago MIllenium Vatican Nativity By Enesco11/16/09
I am trying to find out how many figures were released in the Enesco Vatican Millenuim Nativity by GG Santiago. I have: Mary/Jesus Joseph Gaspar Mechior Balthazar Standing Angel Stable Wall I know there is a sitting angel, but thought there were shepherds and animals as well. If anyone knows how many other pieces exist, or simpky has some foe sale, PLEASE feel free to email me!!! John NIckolaus

WTB Franklin Mint Vatican Nativity11/03/09
I am seeking Baby Jesus of the Vatican Nativity set.

WTB WTB All Gods Children Miss Martha Originals10/13/09
I am in search of Emma,Beverly,Molly,Meg{white dress},Pud,Primas Jones,etc..

WTB Franklin Mint Vatican Nativity10/04/09
I would like to buy the infant jesus for this collection. I believe it originally sold for $135.

WTB Vintage Marching Girl With Goose Figurine09/27/09
I'm looking for a figurine of a little girl with blonde pigtails marching and playing a ukulele with a goose beside her. She's also wearing an apron. I think it's from the early 1970's.

WTB Franklin Mint Vatican Nativity - Baby Jesus09/25/09
I'm looking for "Baby Jesus" figurine of Franklin Mints Vatican Nativity.

WTB Large White Porcelain Swans/geese in Flight08/05/09
Heutschenreuther - large version of white porcelain, yellow beaked, swans/geese lightening -in flight over a white, light blue tinged pedestal representing rocks and waves

WTB Demin Days Throw02/12/09
Hi - I am looking for a denim days throw in excellent condition. Please e-mail me with cost and shipping to 37601

WTB All Gods Children Miss Martha08/21/11
Miss Martha's figurines that were produced after 1984 and before 1996 and a few when they were produced under Enesco.

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